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DotA 2 offline with bots (without Steam)

It is very strange and annoying that to play DotA 2 you have to log in to Steam and be connected to the internet. But this might not always be possible. In my case, I use my college internet and the ports required for Steam are blocked. So, I can’t use Steam (except for when I am at home). And since I can’t use Steam, I can’t download and play DotA 2 the usual way. So, in this post I am going to describe what I did to make DotA 2 start without Steam. First of all, I asked my friend to give me a copy of his SteamApps folder. After I got it, I copied the folder into my computer and navigated to the DotA 2 directory and started  dota.exe . After a few seconds the intro video (that bald guy) showed up followed by the loading screen. Then, suddenly, the loading stopped and a message appeared on the screen: “Steam missing or out of date”. Now, to play offline with bots, the first thing you need to do is to cause the console to open whenever the game starts up. Once you get the console, you c